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Flag of Nenetsia
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Narjan-Mar
 Other: Labitnangi-Salyangard
 Official: Russian, Tundra Nenets
 Others: Forest Nenets, Baykha Enets, Khantaysk Enets, Nganasan
President: ...
Prime minister: ...
Area: 1,879,750 km²
Population: 588,000 inhabitants
Established: 1991, after the fall of the SNOR regime
Location of Nenetsia in the Russian Federation
Location of Nenetsia in the Russian Federation

Way back in 1943, the Nenets raised a revolt in the Bol'shaya Zeml'a Tundra - Ngarka Ja (just west of the Urals), supported by some to the east, in Salyangard. Aided by the enemy inroads on the northern shore, they manage to fend off several Russian special service attacks. Since the regular army is away at war, the rebellious Nenets capture Pustozersk and there they hold a Mandalada, where they proclaim the independent Nyenecye-Ja. They are joined by large groups of Nenets from the Yamal regions, as well as by the Forest Nenets and a group of Kolva Komi. Pustozersk is renamed Narjan-Mar, in remembrance of the blood spilled for independence.

The Russians cannot spare enough forces to fight the Nenets, and are forced to leave them alone for a while under the condition that Nyenecye-Ja does not enter the war against them. After the war, they leave them totally alone.

Nyenecye-Ja then comprises what is now the Nenets AD as far as the Kanin Peninsula, part of modern Komi republic up the Kolva and around Inta / Vorkuta, as well as large territories in the Yamal peninsula and up the Ob', Pur, and Taz. To the east its borders go as far as the Yenisey. (I'm afraid this is a major redrawal of Jan's proposals at . I'll draw a map of Nyenecye-Ja, promise)

It's capital is Narjan-Mar, with Labitnangi-Salyangard the major port on the Ob'. The Nenets have largely retained their traditional habitat and ways, except for the cities, which have only been suffering an insurge from the tundra in the latest 15 or so years. It is not a very prosperous nation, consequently, and much of its territory is under effective control by foreign companies in search of gas and oil, though strict, KGB-style control is administered by the government lest they interfere with the traditional way of life. Lately, much income has been coming from tourism.

[Pavel Iosad]

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