North Caucasian Federation

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Севернокавказская Федерация
Severnokavkazskaya Federatsiya
North Caucasian Federation
Flag of the North Caucasian Federation
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Shamilkala
 Other: Grozny, etc.
 Official: predominantly Russian
 Others: Chechen, Avar, Ingush, Kabard, Ossetian, Dargva, Lezgin, Kumyk, etc.
Prime minister:
Area: ...
Population: 3,516,000 inhabitants
Established: 1991,
Location of the North Caucasian Federation in the Russian Federation
Location of the North Caucasian Federation in the Russian Federation

The North Caucasian Federation is one of the 29 constituent republics of the Russian Federation.



The North Caucasian Federation, is a rather strange beast. It does not consist of autonomous territorial entities, but instead it is a rather loose conglomerate of municipalities, tribes and villages. These small units are pretty much on themselves, and the state does not bother them too much. Because the NCF is a mishmash of ethnic groups in which no one really prevails, the central bureaucracy consists for about 70 % of translators, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in fact one huge translation centre.

The power of the central authorities is limited to the absolutely necessary. Because the structures of the state are extremely weak, it is fairly easy for the Russian authorities to keep a tight grip on the NCF. And the presence of oil in the soil makes it an interesting territory for them to keep under control.

Russia's "battle with terrorism" focuses partly on the NCF. The tragedy in Beslan might well have taken place *there*, too. But in our case, I don't think it will be Chechens fighting for Chechen independence; it can be any group from within the NCF fighting against Russian exploitation.

The NCF is a member of the Mazandaran Ecotopic Association.

Administrative Divisions

The main administrative layer of the NCF are the municipalities.




The North Caucasian Federation is limited by: the Don Republic (NW, N), Kalmykia (N), the Caspian Sea (E), Azerbaijan (SE), Georgia (SW).



The people of the North Caucasian Federation include over a hundred nationalities, the most numerous being: Chechens (1,150,000), Russians (760,000), Avars (500,000), Ingush (400,000), Kabardians (390,000), Ossetians (380,000), Dargins (300,000), Lezgins (200,000), Kumyks (200,000), Karachay (170,000), Laks (100,000), Azeris (85,000), Balkars (75,000), Tabasarans (70,000), Circassians (50,000), Nogays (35,000).

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