Ural Republic

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Уралская Республика
Uralskaya Respublika
Ural Republic
Flag of the Ural Republic
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Yekaterinograd (1,293,000)
 Other: Omsk (1,100,000), Tyumen' (511,000), Nizhny Tagil (391,000), Kurgan (362,000), Kamensk-Uralsky (186,000)
Language: Russian
President: Vladimir V. Fedoseyenko
Prime minister: Svyatoslav D. Zelkin
Area: 407,800 km²
Population: 9,305,000 inhabitants
Established: 1991, after the fall of the SNOR regime
Location of the Ural Republic in the Russian Federation
Location of the Ural Republic in the Russian Federation

Along with the Perm Republic, the Ural Republic would stand a good chance in a contest for being the "most boring republic in the Russian Federation". Located in the heart of the Russian Empire, just behind the Ural mountains, it was part of an area that was closed for both Russians from elsewhere in the Empire and foreigners for several decades. Before 1965, the territory of the present-day republic was composed of parts of the gubernii Tobolskaya, Permskaya and Simbirskaya. In the huge administrative reform of 1965, these parts were reconstituted into a yekaterinogradskaya gubernia, a kurganskaya gubernia, a tyumenskaya gubernia, and an omskaya gubernia. At the time of the fall of the SNOR, in 1991, these four Russian-speaking gubernii would proclaim their independence as the "Ural Republic".

The Ural Republic was the homestead of the first president of Russia since the fall of the SNOR, Vladimir Begemotov. But in spite of the man's reformist disposition, the republic itself is one of the bulwarks of snorism. Although the SNOR itself itself is still banned on its territory, the rulers of the republic are mostly faceless bureaucrats with deep roots in snorist ways and traditions, most of them with an industrial background. Some analysts believe they are mere puppets in the hands of old SNOR leaders, who are simply awaiting a suitable moment for taking over themselves.

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