Don Republic

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Донская Республика
Donskaya Respublika
Don Republic
Flag of the Don Republic
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Rostov-na-Don (1,012,000)
 Other: Krasnodar (645,000), Stavropol (355,000), Sochi (328,000)
 Official: Russian
 Others: Skythian
President: ...
Prime minister: ...
Area: ...
Population: ...
Established: 1991, after the fall of the SNOR regime
Location of the Don Republic in the Russian Federation
Location of the Don Republic in the Russian Federation

The Don Republic, November 2003:


  • ethnic type: Scythian-?-Turkic
  • continent: Asia


  • ethnic type: Scythian-Slavic
  • continent: Europe
  • written language: uses Cyrillic alphabet and Scythian alphabet

A derelict band of Scythians who, in IB, went just a little further northwest than their compatriots in the real world did, these have managed to pull through, to survive to the present day.

While their own attempts over the centuries have failed to produce a self-made nation-state, the people of the Don Republic have ingrated/integrated themselves into the strongest of their neighbors' watch. This has resulted in the adoption and use of the Russian written language (including Cyrillic letters which are not used by the Scythians) and many snorist loan words in the Don language. Many of the highest-ranking Don families are sent to the Russian capital for education, which also garuntees their loyalty.

The use of griffins and horses in artwork has not dimished over time; indeed, the people of the Don see it as their badge of uniqueness, their distinguishing feature which none others have picked up or kept (similiar to how I don't know of anyone else - besides the Coptic Orthodox - who've kept the ankh).

Almost every Don native can ride a horse, as they're a semi-nomadic society living on the spit of land allotted to them by the SNORists -- and the Dons aren't complaining. In fact, they see it (their ability to eke a living in that spit) as a test of their fitness.

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