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Not to be confused with a similarly named character from Space Voyage 2245 and Mariner.


Eric Masters was found on the front step of an orphanage in Columbus, Carolina, aged seven months. No one knows anything more about his past. Since then, he has discovered remarkable abilities. After seeing Sister Margret, one of the orphanage's staff, attacked in the street by a gang of thugs, he decided that he should use his powers to fight injustice. Eleven years later, after extensive training to control his power, he begame Magnus.


Magnus has super strength and speed, and the ability to fly. Also, he has recently developed the ability to fire energy pulses from his hands.

His primary weakness is a blue crystaline substance, known only as makranite.

Supporting Characters

Magnus has no real support in his crimefighting adventures, but he is occasionally assisted by Foxbat and White Spider, should any of their own main vilains make a guest appearance.


Magnus's main enemies are Grimstone, Null, Red Phantom and the various creations of Dr Chimera, a scientist working for Westside Corp. Dr Mallice occasionally Dr Mallice makes an appearance.

League of Righteousness

Magnus is one of the founding-members of the League of Righteousness, and is a member of the League Counicil since it expanded more than a year later.