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One of the best martial artists in the world, and she's only twelve. To her friends and familiy, she is Sacura Himoli. To her enemies, she is known simply as Rabbit - First line of every Rabbit comic-book

Originally slated for an Asian-only release, Rabbit has developed quite a following over in the FK and NAL.


Born in Miyazu, Quiòto, in the Kingdom of Yamato, Sacura was a quiet, studious girl untill she came accross a mysterious pendant in the attic of her grandmother's house. After touching it, she fainted, and experienced a dream which explained that she had been chosen to use the powers the pendant would give her to fight the evil forces which are about to emerge. From that day onward, she became known as Usagi (Rabbit).


Rabbit is incredibly athletic, has superior strength and speed, and some mild telekinetic abilities. Also, she is capable of veiwing acctions in slow-motion for a short time, although prolonged use can leave her disorientated.

Her weapons include coil-like staffs (not unlike Brainbox's neuro-kinetic polycoils), which are usualy disguised as metal bracelets, and a wooden sword (to prevent her from inflicting fatal injuries).

One thing she is not, however, is bullet-proof. The closest she has come to death is in issue #42, when one of Cabuqui's henchmen managed to confuse her long enough to capture her. Only quick intervention from Xògun and his sidekick Quilin saved her from a terrible fate.

Supporting Characters

Rabbit often teams-up with other superheroes in Asia, such as Shenlong and Bailong (both from Beihanguo), Garuda (from Xrivizaja), Naga (from Samrazj) and Xògun and Quilin (both also from Yamato).


Her enemies range from various Yacuza gangs, the mysterious Mystic Ninja clan, the demon-like Olotxi and Quiubi, and the somewhat psychotic Cabuqui.

League of Righteousness

Rabbit recently joined the League of Righteousness as a junior member, after impressing Foxbat and Amazon with her skills.


Rabbit was one of the founding members of the League of Righteousness's Junior Squad, usually known as Teen-Righteous.

Graphic Novels