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Born in the Seneca Province of Aguaishuongy, Howling Wolf is the son of a council member for the Seneca tribe, Bear-hunting-for-fish. He was given his powers in a ritual, when the local shaman, Morning-Sun had a vision that Howling Wolf had been chosen to fight evil. He has done so diligently since then, with the guidance of Morning-Sun.


Silverwind's powers include enhanced strength, speed and agility. He also uses the various powers in the silver talismans that are a part of his costume:

  • Raven Pinion - Invisibility
  • Turtle Bangle - Defencive shield
  • Snake Bangle - Morphing Staff (like Rabbit's bracelets or Brainbox's Polycoils)
  • Eagle's-eyes Rings - Energy blasts, concussive shocks, grappler beams
  • Thunderbird Tunic - Flight, speed
  • Cayote Gloves - Claws
  • Spider-pin Band - Enhanced sensory perception

After he was cured of the Chaos Syndrome, he could transform into Silverhowl (see below).

Supporting Characters

Silverwind is mostly supported by Morning-sun, his mentor, and on occasion by Thunderbird and Desert Fox.


Silverwind's enemies include the Dark Seraphim, Stormeater and Wendigo.

League of Righteousness

Silverwind is one of the founding-members of the League of Righteousness, and is a member of the League Counicil since it expanded more than a year later.

Graphic Novels

Chaos Syndrome

Silverwind briefly succumbed to the Chaos Syndrome (pt. 4), and was transformed into Darkwind, an evil, more powerful version of himself. In parts 5 and 6 however, the new, engenered, Chaos Syndrome transformed him into Shadowhowl.


Shadowhowl is a gigantic wolf-like creature, standing six foot at the shoulder. He has most of Darkwind's powers (sans Snake Bangle and Eagle's-eyes Rings), along with electroshok-horns and a sonic-distrupter howl, but with even greater strength and agility. After finaly being cured by Brainbox, Silverwind retained the ability to transform, but this time into Silverhowl.