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Born in Izumi, Cagoxima, in the Kingdom of Yamato, Ogawa Yumi is the daughter of the late Ogawa Hiroxi, a Yacuza crime-lord, who was killed on the orders of Carawa Hodjo, his main rival.

After being hearing of her father's death, Yumi went somewhat insane, and started to plot her revenge. Her madness only deepend when she tracked down and annhiliated Karawa's entire gang, finishing with him.


Cabuqui's powers include enhanced agility, strength, speed, and also her (in)famous retractable 15" metallic claws.

Supporting Characters

Cabuqui's is mainly supported by her own Yacuza gang, the remnant of her father's, with some modifications. She is also assisted by her lover, Tenlò Suqui (aka Cherry Blossom).


Cabuqui is one of the primary antagonists in the series Rabbit, although she has made the occasional guest appearence in Foxbat and the League of Righteousness series. She has also appeared in several graphic novels.

Graphic Novels

Chaos Syndrome

Cabuqui was infected by the Chaos Syndrome (pts. 2, 5, and 6), mutating her into Viscera.


Viscera is eight-foot tall, and looks like a hybrid between Cabuqui herself, and a Praying Mantis, with huge claws.