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Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Katherine Royce was a martial-arts prodegy, as well as being fairly intellectual.

Her life was struck by tragedy fairly early on, however, when her father was shot by a thief attempting to break into the family store. Her trauma spurred her on, however, as she decided to be the best that she could be, in order to fight against the criminals, just like the one that killed her father.

One night, she had tracked the thief to a warehouse, and was about to try and sneek in, when she was confronted by Foxbat, who talked her out of it.

Seeing her determination, Henry decided to train her as a partner in crime-fighting.


Although not as fast or as strong as Foxbat, Starling is an still exceptionally skilled martial-artist. She does, however, have a greater reliance on technology (mostly supplied by Brainbox) than most of the members of Teen-Righteous (Foxbat didn't teach her anyting magical).

Supporting Characters

Originally fighting alongside Foxbat and Nightingale, Starling is currently assisted by the other members of Teen-Righteous.


Although Starling has fought most of Foxbat's enemies, she has been fighting some of these villans on her own, as part of her training.

Lately, though, her primary enemy is Dark-Shard.


Starling was one of the founding members of the League of Righteousness's Junior Squad, usually known as Teen-Righteous.

Graphic Novels