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Post Road 1, often referred to as the "Mein Road" serves the east coast of the NAL-SLC.

Route Description

PR-1 begins in Tampa, East Florida. It follows PH-93 to Ocala, then makes right along the Sid Martin Highwey to Baldwin. It turns east, following PH-8. It meets PR-15 at Jacksonville then turns northwest along Kings Road to Jacobia. In Jacobia, PR-1 runs through Fowkston and northwest through Weycross. North of Alma, PR-1 meets PR-3 and turns north. It continues through Sweinsboro at a junction with PR-80. It continues through Wrens and northeast through Augusta to Carolina. In Carolina, it becomes a freeway and continues east through North Augusta to Columbia, intersecting PR-15. It continues to Lugoff, where the freeway alignment ends, and joins with the historic PR-1 Route. It continues through Rockingham to Tramwey where it becomes a freeway, heading northeast to Raleigh. It merges with PR-401 when the freeway ends, and then splits left to Henderson where it becomes a freeway. It continues northeast to Virginia. In Virginia, it runs northeast through Petersburg and north through Richmond, meeting the PR-66. It continues east through Alexandria, following the Pentapolis Beltway to Ter Mair. In Ter Mair, it PR-1 continues to follow the Beltway, now called Balltwi di bPentapolis. It joins the PR-50 on the east side of the city, and turns northeast off of the Beltway towards Baltimore, meeting PR-240. PR-1 and PR-50 continue northeast to Baltimore where they intersect the PR-40. In Nya Sverige, they split at Nya Elfsborg. PR-1 continues through to Pennsylvaania. In Philadelphia, the Nation's Capital, PR-1 joins PR-30 and intersects PR-13. They continue through Kent on the Trenton Highwey and on the Mersey Turnpique through Oxbridge to Castreleon New. In Nieuw Amsterdam, PR-30 ends and PR-1 intersects the Adirondack Trail. PR-1 continues to Connecticut. It intersects PR-111 in New Haven, and continues through Rhode Island to Massachusetts Bay. PR-1 interchanges with PR-2 and PR-4 in Boston. It continues through New Hampshire, Augusta in Northern MA, Saint John in New Scotland, and continues to the port city of Sydney. A ferry takes a traveler to PR-1 in מואיבֿה ספרד. It continues from קאבֿו אוקסידינטי through סאנטה אסתר to לאגו ג׳ירף׳ where it intersects PR-111. PR-1 continues to its end in סאנטו יונה.