Post Road 2

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Post Road 2, often referred to as the "Trans-Ontario" serves many northern regions of NAL-SLC.

Route Description

PR-2 begins in Lake Louise, Unincorporated Territories on the Origon/NAL border. It passes through many rural towns. In Calgary, it intersects PR-91. In Medicine Hat, it intersects PR-202. In Virden, it intersects PR-81. It continues to the Coast of New Cambria. In New Cambria, it intersects PR-71 in Winnipeg, and continues to Les Plaines. It intersects PR-22 at Baie de Tonnerre and continues northeast into Ontario. It follows the coast of Great Lake Superior to Sault St. Marie where it meets the Good Road. It continues east to Sudbury where it intersects PR-31, and intersects PR-13 in Ottawa. It continues southeast along the border with Nouvelle Francie and intersects the future NF-2 near Smiths Falls. PR-2 runs south to Castreleon New where it merges east with PR-11 at Potsdam. They run east to New Hampshire PR-11 ends at Alburg on the New Hampshire border, and PR-2 goes southeast to Montpelier. PR-2 intersects PR-111 at White River Junction, and continues to its end at PR-1 and PR-4 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay.