Flor de Santo Yona

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פֿלור די סאנטו יונה


(Flower of Santo Yona / Saint Jonah's Flower Peninsula)

The large flower-shaped peninsula on the southeast corner of the island making up most of the North American League province of Mueva Sefarad, named after the biblical prophet Jonah, in honor of the many whales that migrate past the coast. Flor de Santo Yona (Saint Jonah's flower) itself is the insectivorous pitcher plant, which grows throughout the island.

Sivdat de Santo Yona (Saint Jonah City), the second most populous city of the province, is located on the peninsula and is blessed with a particularly good natural harbor. As the northeasternmost city in the NAL, Postal Road #1 (PR-1), the main federal highway of the Eastern Seaboard, begins here.

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