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סיבֿדאט די סאנטה אסתר


(City of Santa Ester / Saint Esther)

Santa Ester is the capital and largest city of the North American League province of Mueva Sefarad. Located on la Izla de Santa Ester (Santa Ester Island) in the large lake known as el Grande Lago near the island portion of Mueva Sefarad's west coast, it was the first permanent settlement founded by the Jewish Iberian refugees who founded Mueva Sefarad. Its location on an island, in a lake, in the interior of the island, was deemed secret enough that any foreign attempt to find it would fail, or be intercepted before the exiled Sefaradic community could be discovered. The city was named in honor of the refugees' patron saint, the biblical Esther, Queen of Persia. Although the secrecy that spawned Santa Ester's original settlement is no longer necessary, the centuries of stealth have left their impact on Muevasefaradí city planners and architects, and although it has grown to be a world-class metropolis, the old Andalusian-style edifices and modern glass-and-steel skyscrapers are barely visible through the ring of thick native forest separating the city from the island's shore. Kamino Postal (post road) #1 passes through Santa Ester as it weaves its way across Mueva Sefarad's island region..

Santa Ester is host to a number of sports teams, including:

  • los Papagayos (Santa Ester Puffins) — hibercrosse
  • los Linses (Santa Ester Lynxes) — football

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