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The Pacific States, also known as Oceania, are broadly divided into the three regions of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. Polynesia is the only region with much linguistic or cultural continuity. The Micronesian islands have a shared history, dominated successively by Wa'ab, Castile and Leon, and Japan, but is home to a wide range of languages (the experiment of Unified Micronesian notwithstanding). Melanesia is a catch-all region stretching from Papua to Fiji, its islands and cultures having little in common other than proximity.

Pacific-wide institutions

  • Austronesian League: Supranational organization to foster cooperation among the Austronesian-speaking languages in economics, cultural affairs, foreign policy, defense, and the environment. Includes most of the Pacific states plus Japan and Madagascar.
  • ANJAC: GW2-era military alliance with roots in the Austronesian League
  • Pacific Ocean Regional Forum (PORF): Inter-governmental forum concerned with commerce, ecology, and human rights. Includes not only the island states but nearly all mainland nations with Pacific coastline.
  • Pacific Press Association (PPA): A news agency whose scope includes all of Oceania
  • Polynesian United News Agency (PUNA): Exclusively Polynesian in scope, based in Tahiti

List of nations

The following nations are QSS:

  • Henua - Also known as Easter Island; independent kingdom.
  • Micronesian Confederation - The Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Gilbert Islands; also Northern Marianas and Palau, both shared with Filipinas; the Emperor of Japan is High King. Subdivided into five states and two tributaries.
  • Nauru - Independent republic.
  • Kanawiki - *Here*'s Hawaii; Emperor of Japan was symbolic High King until present Emperor's ascension to the throne. Federated kingdom.
  • Nittatò - A protectorate of Japan, part of kingdom of Kauai, Kanawiki
  • Fiji - consists of Tuvalu and Fiji Islands. [W.Ch.: Under King Thakombao V (Cakobao, *here*).]
  • Toga - Independent nation, allied with Fiji
  • Tokelau - Fijian dependency, pursuing independence

The rest provisionally consists of (and subject to change):

  • Unnamed French territory - New Caledonia and Vanuatu
  • Fijian Melanesia - Solomon Islands and Santa Cruz Islands; A dependency of Fiji
  • Kuke - Aotearoan dependency (or part of Fijian Polynesia)
  • Niue - Aotearoan dependency (or part of Fijian Polynesia)
  • Samoa - Aotearoan dependency (or part of Fijian Polynesia)
  • Tubuai - The Austral Islands may be a separate kingdom and former region of Cambrian Polynesia.
  • French Polynesia - Pitcairn Islands; dependancy of France


Oceania QSS.PNG

Boxes represent QSS nations. Circles represent nations which provisionally exist, but whose exact borders are not known. The colors stand for:

Bright Green: Micronesian Federation
Pale Green: Tributary states to both Micronesia and Bornei-Filipinas
Yellow: Kingdom of Castile and Leon
Blue: French dependencies
Pink: Fiji and dependencies
Orange: Aotearoa and dependencies
Violet: Kanawiki and Nittato
Teal: Independent states
Grey: uncertain

Large capital letters represent Ill Bethisad nations. Small lettering represents the names of locations *here* and is kept as a reference.

AO: Aotearoa
CH: Chuuk
BB: Banaba
FI: Fiji
FM: Fijian Melanesia
FP: Fijian Polynesia
GM: Guam
HE: Henua
KA: Kanawiki
KI: Kiripati
KK: Kuke (may belong to either Aotearoa or Fiji)
KX: Koxae
MA: Marianas
MF: French Melanesia
NA: Nauru
NT: Nittato
NU: Niue (may belong to Aotearoa or Fiji)
PC: Castilian Polynesia
PF: French Polynesia
PI: Ponpei
PN: Papua-New-Guinea
PL: Palau
RR: Ralik and Ratak
SA: Samoa (may belong to Aotearoa or Fiji)
TA: Tahiti
TG: Toga
TK: Tokelau
WA: Wa'ab

Another map of QSS states is below. It should be noted that some borders are uncertain. In particular, the eastern border of Malucos is unknown, and the exact islands under Australasian control are simply assumed to be the same as *here*

Pacific Ocean.jpg