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Tokoxadom of Koxae
Languages Koxaean, Japanese
Major Religions
Capital Lelu Village
Government type Kingdom
Prime Minister
Supranational Organizations Part of Micronesian Confederation
Major Subdivisions 4 districts (Lelu, Malem, Tafunsak and Utwe)

Koxae is unique among the constituent states of Micronesia in that it consists solely of a single island surrounded by coral reefs, while the others consist of multiple islands and atolls. In addition, its monarchy goes back centuries. The island is also the least populated of the constituent states.

According to local legend, the island was formed when the gods transformed the body of a sleeping woman. And, indeed, from certain vantage points, the island's skyline does resemble a female body.

The island suffered greatly from Western diseases, its population at one point falling as low as a few hundred. This caused many of the traditional structures to fall apart, and its culture is thus largely a mixture of Japanese and native culture. Buddhism is much stronger in Koxae than the rest of Micronesia. Most of the population is devoutly Buddhist, with only a small Christian minority. Buddhism got a foothold on the island in 1887, when the Tokoxa (king), recently having contracted smallpox, was visited by a Buddhist missionary, who told him that the Buddha could heal him and his people, if only they would follow his words. The tokoxa converted, and soon recovered. The tokoxa began to promote Buddhism and expelled Christian missionaries. Soon, almost the entire island had converted to Buddhism