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The Confederate Republic of Nauru was created in 1969 when the 12 states of Nauru signed the treaty of Anabar. The capital is Menen city. The Confederate Phosphate Corporation was the main source of employment until it was banished from the State of Aiwo by the Aditur Party. The other states followed suit. The current government is the Aditur Party as well, headed by one Mr. Rene Dowiyogo.


A federal state with a bicameral national parliament. There are two chambers, called, in English, the People's House and the Chiefs' House. The Chiefs house comprises of the Chief of each state, and the people's house is directly elected by proportional Representation.


Nauru was not contacted by the western world until the late 19th century. It quickly took on civilisation, and split into 12 countries, each ruled by a tribe. The tribes (apart from Buada) became democratic in the 20s. Buada did not become a democratic state until the late 50s. By 1960, the Nauruan Union had been set in place, and by 1963, the Monni was a single currency of all the states. By 1969, the states were one country, except in name. This was made official in the treaty of Anabar, signed in November 1969.

Currency: The Nauruan Monni (320M to 1 Kernow Pound; equal to Japanese monme); symbol: M striked through.

Nauru is viewed by some as an tropical tax-haven.