Fijian Polynesia

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Fijian Polynesia is an autonomous dependency of the Fijian Kingdom. It consists of the Cook Islands, Samoa, and possibly Niue, the Phoenix Islands, and other islands yet to be identified.

The Brooke family, Fiji's "White Ratus" of the XIXth and early XXth centuries, extended their rule over a vast stretch of ocean from eastern New Guinea to the Cooks. Most of the islands were occupied by China during the Great Oriental War, and subsequently liberated by Allied forces. Many of the archipelagoes of modern-day FP were Kemrese colonies for a period after the war, but were restored to Fiji a few years later.

Today, the islands comprise a single political unit which is partially self-governing. King Thakombao V of Fiji is head of state, and there is a legislature called the Assembly of Fijian Polynesia. Although a dependency of Fiji, FP is not a Commonwealth member.

In 2007, FP acknowledged Tokelau's secession following a referendum. Tokelau remains in free association with Fiji; however, it is no longer a part of FP. The secession raised some concerns that Tokelau would inspire the other constituent parts of Fijian Polynesia to go their separate ways and lead to the disintegration of the territory. However, so far there has been no call to sepratism from any of the other islands, and with the Tokelauans gone, FP is likely to keep both its territorial integrity and its unitary structure.