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Ben Karnell
Aliases: Bengiamin Cornouaille, Benjamin Cornuval, Beniamin Cornubius, Cartographicus Italicus, Master of Keys and Taps
Number: 66
Caretaker: Crimea, Henua, Ouisconsin, and Luxemburg
Conlangs: Parra
Email: [email protected]


Residence: Bodewadmi Fithing, Ouisconsin
Current Job: Teacher
Interests: Heraldry, Cartography, History, Linguistics

Ben Karnell (English), Bengiamin a Cornouaille (Kerno), or Benjamin Cornuval (Parra). From the Chiwausis region of Bodewadmi Fithing, Ouisconsin, NAL. He works as an English-Castilian bilingual teacher. Number 66 on The List, Illuminatus, Knight of the It'sian Garter, dubbed Cartographicus Italicus by the Illuminatus for his valiant efforts in all things cartographic.

When bereft of ideas, enjoys combing through the mailing lists looking for old things to archive and sort.

Caretaker of:


  • the puzzling game of whummlin
  • whummlin's ancient and still-popular predecessor, chunkey.
  • the game of world conquest, Hazard

Less sizeable contributions:

Non-Parra to-do list:

  1. Rongorongo: It's time for another neography. It's just difficult to find good source material.
  2. Hakapuna: Biography's been written for a year; it's time to put it online!
  3. Lord Governors of Ouisconsin
  4. Alcohol of Ouisconsin