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Conventional short name:
Local: Malucos
English: Malucos
State flag of Malucos
 Official: Chavacano

The Ecotopic Republic of the Malucos is a state in the islands north of Australia, east of Mazapahit.

The Malucos archipelago was once rule by two rival Hindu Rajjadoms, Ternate and Tidore. But today, it is known for its Christian traditions based on a mixture of Nestorian (Assyrian) and Isidorian traditions.

The Nestorian tradition was brought over by Nestorian missionaries from Bornei-Filipinas in the 13th century. The Rajjadom of Ternate converted to Christianity in 1475 and propogated the religion, at the expense of Tidore.

The Isidorian tradition came with the arrival of the Castilians, who ruled the islands along with the Filipinas for over 300 years. The Castilian influence is also evident through Chavacano, a Castillian creole, that has become the lingua franca in both the Malucos and Bornei-Filipinas.

The Malucos became independent after it seceded from Bornei-Filipinas in 1949, and officially declared itself an ecotopic republic in the 1970s. It remains a poor country today.


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