North Hamgieñ

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Map of Corea showing North Hamgieñ
Capital Chheñjiñ
Establishment 1896

North Hamgieñ is a northern province of Corea, unique for having a hereditary governor. It was formed in 1896 when the former province of Hamgieñ was divided into North and South Hamgieñ.


North Hamgieñ is bordered by Beihanguo to the north, Gaimanxù to the east, and South Hamgieñ to the west. To the south lies the Sea of Japan.


North Hamgieñ, at the time part of Hamgieñ, was the home of Taijo, the first king of the Chosen Dynasty. In 1972, his descendant, I Ku, nephew of the last king, was elected governor on a nationalistic/restorationist platform of South Hamgieñ. The North refused to select him or any others as heir of the governorship.

In recent years, a rising irredentism among Corean descended citizens of Beihanguo within Yanbian has lead to protests, asking for cession to Corea and the Empire of Japan or to a condominium between the three states. With a population of 2.5 million, it is likely a concern that Beihanguo will have to reckon with sooner than later.

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