Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian

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Yanbian within Manchuria

The Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian is the easternmost prefecture of the Jilin province of the Manchurian Autonomous Region of Beihanguo. It is the center of the ancient Corean kingdom of Balhai, and as such has ancient archaelogical sites, including Mount Phakhtu, which also sits within Manchurian territory and the North Hamgieñ province of Corea.


Yanbian is predominantly ethnically Corean or mixed Corean-Chinese race. Due to the heavy Corean population, and the fact that most business within the prefecture is transacted in Corean, it is often viewed as an unacknowledged province of Corea.

While the region has been strongly populated with Coreans in the course of the first and second millennia CE, the population experienced a sharp uptick in population following the Great Oriental War as collaborators with the Chinese occupation of Corea, as well as many of those of mixed race born during that time emigrated from the Corean Peninsula.. Most immigration happened toward the end of the war and in the two decades immediately following. In recent years, a nationalist People of Balhai movement has gained traction among the young. When Manchuria was granted autonomy, the group increased in popularity, although nothing has currently come of it.

Some in the PB desire an independent Yanbian. Others seek a reunification with Corea and Japan. At present, they are a minor voice in the halls of government, and the Manchurian leadership pays them little attention.