South Phieñan

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Map of Corea showing South Phieñan
Capital 平城 (Phieñseñ)
Establishment 18??

South Phieñan is a northern province of Corea. It was formed when the former province of Phieñan was divided into North and South Phieñan.


South Phieñan is bordered by North Phieñan to the north, South Hamgieñ to the east, Huañhai to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the West.


Riugioñ is the largest city, though not the capital. It's often referred to as the Jerusalem of the East and is the second location of a Mormon temple on the Corean peninsula. It is a fairly level region, and agriculture has widely taken root. Due to the prosperity of the region, Riugioñ has become quite populous, boasting several million inhabitants, but a far cry from populous Kieñseñ. Despite increased population, Riugioñ has maintained its widespread planting of willow trees, from which its name derives.

Phieñseñ is the capital of the region, though sixth in terms of population.


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