South Chella

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Map of Corea showing South Chella
Capital Naju
Area 5643 mi²
Population 3,400,000
Establishment 1896

South Chella is a province in the southwest of Corea, formed from the southern half of the former Chella Province in 1896.


The province is part of the Honam region, and is bounded on the west by the Yellow Sea, on the north by North Chella, on the south by Cheiju Strait, and on the east by South Kieñsañ.

There are almost 2,000 islands along the coastline, about three quarters of which are uninhabited. The coastline is about 4,100 miles long. Some of the marine products, in particular oyster and seaweed cultivation, are leading in Corea.

The province is only partially mountainous. The plains along the rivers Semjin, Ieñsan and Tamjin create a large granary. There is abundant rainfall in the area, which helps agriculture. The province is also home to the warmest weather on the peninsula. This helps to produce large amounts of agricultural produce, mainly rice, wheat, barley, pulses and potatoes. Vegetables, cotton and fruits are also grown in the province.

A small amount of gold and coal is mined in the province, but industries have also been developed in the area.

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