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Hoiyn Taicòxacu
Born Xòwa 7, Djùitxigaçu 25
December 29, 1931
Died Gacudai 2, Rocugaçu 11
July 16, 2005
Posthumous Title 懷隱
Original Name 李玖
I Ku

Grand Prince Hoiyn (I Ku in life) was the son of Corean King-in-exile Sajo (竢祖), brother of the last enthroned King of Corea, Sunjoñ (純宗).

The Grand Prince was the hereditary governor of South Hamgieñ, one of the northern provinces of Corea. The provincial charter makes it unique among the second-level divisions of the Japanese Empire in that its governor is unelected. The Grand Prince was elected as governor in Saisei 21 (1972), and in Saisei 24 (1975), the Corean Parliament and the then-Emperor approved an amendment to the provincial charter establishing a hereditary governorship.

The Grand Prince to his death continued to hope for the re-establishment of a separate Corean monarchy, or at least a viceregality, a possibility which appears less and less likely.

The Grand Prince had no children of his own, but shortly before his death, adopted a cousin, I Uen, which adoption is currently being contested by I Sek, a former singer who was otherwise next-in-line.

Preceded by:
Head of the Corean Royal House Succeeded by:
I Uen
(contested by I Sek)
Preceded by:
Governor of South Hamgieñ
Saisei 21-Gacudai 2