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The General Moderator, or GM, is the elected head of government for the North American League. The League's heads of state are the monarchs of the Federated Kingdoms and the Scandinavian Realm. The law originally stipulated that GMs are elected on "years ending in 2" and are inaugurated "upon the ancient New Year, in the year following", that being 25 March. The law was changed during Mr Fogg's tenure to reflect the end of the previous GM's term regardless of year. It was further changed in 1899 to elections in years ending with 0 and inaugurations the following 25 March. GMs are elected for a single ten year term. The day of the inauguration for a new GM is 25 March regardless of day of week. It is considered a national holiday, and most provinces close schools and local governments.

Should the General Moderator die or become incapacitated while in office, as has happened seven times during the NAL's history, there is a Line of Succession mandated by law.

The position of General Moderator is sometimes equated with his/her famous Oblong Office in the capital building. One of the GM's duties is to deliver a "State of the League" address before Parliament from time to time. Since the Second Great War this has generally meant three to four times per full-term of each office-holder.

The official residence of the General Moderator is Octagon House in Philadelphia. By tradition, the General Moderator takes the oath of office on the steps of the Laurier Monument.

The march composed by Alexander Reinagle to commemorate the ratification of the Covenant, Covenant March, was in short order adapted for use as the General Moderator's own march, played at various state functions when the GM enters a room, concert hall, or before speeches in Parliament or addresses to the public.

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Richard Bonnaire Whittington 1803 1813 No party
2 James Monroe 1813 1823 Confederationalist
3 Martin van Lustbader 1823 1833 Loyal Republican
4 Johnathan Taylor 1833 1843 Whig
5 Constantine Joanes 1843 1853 Conservative Democrat
6 James Buchanan 1853 1863 Conservative Democrat
7 Abram Lincoln 1863 1873 Whig
8 George Brinton McClellan 1873 1875 Whig
9 Rutherford Beauford Fogg 1875 1885 Whig
10 John S. D. Thompson 1885 1893 Conservative Democrat
(P) Bjørn Honstadt 1893 1894 Conservative Democrat
11 William McKinley 1894 1901 Whig
12 Tomos Armstrong Kuster 1901 1911 Conservative Democrat
13 Sir Alfred Laurier 1911 1915 Whig
(P) Andrew Jan Volstead 1915 1916 Conservative Democrat
(P) Jeremiah Jennings Bryan 1916 1917 Conservative Democrat
14 Gwrthiern ffeil Gwilim 1917 1921 Progressive Conservative
15 Gwilliam Lyon MacDowell 1921 1931 Whig
16 Franklin Donald Rosenberg 1931 1949 Whig
17 Ruth Rosenberg 1949 1949 Whig
18 Johnathan Gotlieb Penn 1949 1951 Conservative Democrat
19 Juanita Edith Baker-Stuart 1951 1961 Progressive Conservative
20 Jowcko map Jowcko 1961 1968 Progressive Conservative
21 Edward Moore O'Kinneide 1968 1971 Progressive Conservative
22 James Wainwright 1971 1980 Progressive Conservative
23 Ronald William Regan 1980 1981 Whig
24 Ben Nighthorse Campbell 1981 1991 Whig
25 William Josiah Clinton 1991 2001 Whig
26 Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. 2001 2011 Whig
27 Eugene Levi 2011 2021 Covenant Loyalist
28 Darius Vance 2021 Progressive Conservative