Rutherford Beauford Fogg

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Rutherford Beauford Fogg
Order: 9th General Moderator
Term of Office: 23 December, 1875 - 25 March, 1885
Predecessor: George Brinton McClellan
Successor: John S. D. Thompson
Date of birth: 4 October, 1822
Date of death: 17 January, 1893
Place of birth: De Geurre, Aquanishuonigy
Profession: Lawyer, military officer
Political Party: Whig
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

During his tenure:

Pic rutherford beauford fogg.jpg
Preceded by:
George Brinton McClellan
General Moderatorship
of the NAL-SLC
Succeeded by:
John S.D. Thompson