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Қазақстан Республикасы
Республика Казахстан
Republic of Qazaqstan
Flag of Qazaqstan (Russia)
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Qarağanda
 Other: Atyrau, Oral, Aqtöbe, Qostanay, Astana, Pavlodar, Semey, Öskemen
 Official: Qazaq, Russian
 Others: Czech
President: Arjan Qazigeldin
Prime minister: ...
Area: ...
Population: ...
Established: 1991, after the fall of the SNOR regime
Location of Qazaqstan (Russia) in the Russian Federation
Location of Qazaqstan (Russia) in the Russian Federation

When Turkestan gained its independence as a result of the civil war in Russia, this came far from easily. Russia did all it could to keep as much territory in Central Asia for itself, and successfully managed to prevent today's Qazaqstan from becoming part of the new state. When at least a peace was signed between Russia and Turkestan, the border was drawn through the desert, between the Aral Sea and Lake Balkash. Thus, the Qazaqs became a nation divided between two states.

Much later, after the collapse of the SNOR regime, Qazaqstan tried to secede from Russia once more; as a result, Qazaqstan became a constituent part of the Russian Federation like many other states that had tried the same. However, tendencies toward reunification with Turkestan are very strong in Qazaqstan, and most experts believe it is only a matter of time before the two will finally join. Turkestan has periodically made overtures towards reunification (the last of these was an offer of condominium in 2008), but these have been rebuffed by the large Russian population of the republic, who are not generally pleased at the prospect of becoming a minority in a largely Turkic state.

But several problems may still stay in the way of re-unification. Russians tried to dilute the original population in territories acquired in Central Asia to prevent a homogeneous, conscious ethnic population. As an example, near to city Aktyubinsk/Aqtobe, there is Cheshskiy Avtonomniy Okrug with centre in Borodinovka with 75 000 ethnic Czechs, who were attracted in XIX. century to settle here and to slavicise the region.

The capital of Qazaqstan is Qarağanda.

The republic is a member of the Mazandaran/Caspian Ecotopic Association


Qazaqstan has a similar religious mix as its southern neighbour Turkestan, though there are fewer Zoroastrians, as Zoroastrianism had difficulty making inroads into the northern Qazaq tribes. The major religions are Islam, Assyrian Christianity, Burkhanism (a religion originating with the Altai people of the Altai Republic to the northeast related to Tengriism), Manesianity and Tengriism.

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