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Unlike the Régions of France the Préfectures of Louisianne have legislative autonomy, as do the départements, to a lesser degree, and which are subject to the préfectures.

The Préfectures are lead by the Préfect, which is sometimes mistranslated President in the international press. The Préfect of each préfecture is elected by the parliaments of the départements, and serves for seven years, with a regularly dictated re-election date.

It wasn't until more modern times that the world at large was aware of lesser subdivisions of Louisianne. This is suggested to be largely due to the reforms that have been wraught by Jean-François Young and his fellow préfects.

The Préfectures are notably independent, but do subject themselves to the laws that are created by the loose Republican government. There is a sense of unity among the préfectures, however there have been noteable pieces of legislation that have taken large amounts of time to gain acceptance in the préfectures and départements.

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