Padrig Maughan

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Padrig Maughan
Order: 14th Prefect of Nouvelle Cournouaille
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire, CCVI (23 September, 1997) - 8 Frimaire, CCXIII (MMDD/2005)
Predecessor: Cédric Michel
Successor: Albert Didier
Date of birth: 30 Ventôse CLXVIII (March 21, 1960)
Date of death: None
Place of birth: Dordogne, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Louisianne
Profession: Politician, Bureaucrat
Political Party: Free Republicans (Républicains Libres)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Padrig Maughan is of Cournouaillian extraction, and holds to his ancestry very strongly. While he is a catholic, he has strong ecological leanings, harking to his ancestral An Graveth participation. Prior to serving as Prefect, Maughan served as regional director for the Agence de Protection Ecologique. He has served well as Prefect of New Cornwall, and oversaw the purchase of a small spit of land from Tejas. Maughan would have been up for re-election in CCXIII (2005).

Mr. Maughan resigned however to head up the Agence Ecologique Nationale in response to Arsenic poisoning from the new mines in the Département of Alpes-Argentés. He nominated Albert Didier as his replacement, who was accepted as the candidate. Mr. Maughan proceeded to lobby the National Assembly and the Parliament of Nouvelle Cournouaille to implement stringent controls on the mining companies, which were quickly adopted.

Following the Furacano that destroyed New Orleans Maughan abandoned his membership of the Législateurs de la Moralité Chrétienne. Days after he renounced membership, he was re-accepted into the Républicains Libres.

Preceded by:
Cédric Michel
Prefect of Nouvelle Cournouaille
Succeeded by:
Albert Didier.
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