Miyä Sultan-qızı

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Miyä Sultan-qızı
Miyä Sultan-qızı Xenem
 Date: 2- Mamor, Qoı jıl 1979
(2nd May 1979)
 Place: Buxara, Turkestan
Profession: Artist
Relgious Affiliation: Assyrian Church

Miyä Sultan-qızı Xenem ("Xenem" is a title given to the daughters of Xans and the Ilxan, see here) is the youngest of the current Ilxan Sultan Qasım-ulı's three daughters.

Whereas her sisters Gülnora and Läylä have self-confident, outgoing personalities and have fit fairly easily into the roles of diplomat and daughter-of-Head-of-State which are theirs by right of their father the Ilxan, Miyä has a much quieter, more reserved temperament.

She went to Dastur Ardaşır University and studied painting and art history; she has since entered the field as an artist in her own right. She shows considerable accomplishment as a painter, being known for her neo-Impressionistic style as well as for her father's name.

In 2006 she was persuaded to become patroness of the Turkestan branch of the Association of Persian-Turkestani Cooperation, partly due to her connection with the premier Zoroastrian institute of higher learning in Turkestan.

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