Läylä Sultan-qızı

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Läylä Sultan-qızı
Läylä Sultan-qızı Xenem
 Date: 3- Şildü, Qoyan jıl 1975
(3rd July 1975)
 Place: Buxara, Turkestan
Profession: Lawyer, Diplomat
Relgious Affiliation: Assyrian Church

Läylä Sultan-qızı Xenem ("Xenem" is a title given to the daughters of Xans and the Ilxan, see here) is the middle daughter of the current Ilxan Sultan Qasım-ulı. She earned her degree in international law from Buxara State University, but has been kept from practising by her duties as the daughter of the Ilxan.

Whereas her older sister Gülnora has tended to be the one employed in overseas roles as a diplomat due to the primacy of her birth, Läylä has until recently kept closer to home, filling out the role of daughter-of-Head-of-State more usually in domestic situations. Recent successful trips representing Turkestan in Beihanguo (June 2009) and at the Papal funeral (November 2009) may have changed this permanently, however.

Flag of the TTFA

Läylä is the Turkestani patroness of the Turkish-Turkestani Friendship Association, an organisation dedicated to fostering cooperation between the two states of Turkey and Turkestan and promoting the welfare of the Turkestani community in Turkey and the Osman Turkish community in Turkestan.

She is married to Muşır Davud-ulı, but as yet the couple have no children.

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