Gülnora Sultan-qızı

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Gülnora Sultan-qızı
Gülnora Sultan-qızı Xenem
 Date: 27- Aqpan, Qaban jıl 1971
(27th February 1971)
 Place: Buxara, Turkestan
Profession: Economist, Diplomat
Relgious Affiliation: Islam, converted from Assyrian Church

Gülnora Sultan-qızı Xenem ("Xenem" is a title given to the daughters of Xans and the Ilxan, see here) is the eldest daughter of the current Ilxan Sultan Qasım-ulı. She is quite widely known internationally as the Ilxan's personal representative and is the chief representative for Turkestan in COPEN.

Gülnora's first degree was in Economics from the School of Samarqand; later she took a second degree in Psychology from Buxara State University. This background stands her in good stead in economically-dominated international forums like COPEN, but she has also served as a kind of roving ambassadress for her country, making several state visits in situations where her father as Head of State was unable to go.

Recently, her younger sister Läylä has begun to supplement Gülnora Xenem's role as roving ambassadress. Turkestani news agencies await the debut in this role of the third sister Miyä.

In Qaban jıl 1995 she married Arslan Idrıs Sultan-ulı, grandson of the famed Air Force commander Somıd Sardar Xan of Qoqand. They have two children: Nurtaı (6) and Nağıma (4). Following the birth of her son Nurtaı, she converted from her Assyrian Church upbringing to her father's faith of Islam. This does not seem to have unduly strained her relationship with her father, however.

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