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Michael Ignatof. PhD.
 Date: May 12, 1947
 Place: Toronto, Ontario
Party: Whig
Title: Author, Professor, Politician
Religion: Orthodox

Michael Ignatoff (born 1947) is an American writer, professor and politician. His father was the child of Russian immigrants, his mother a native of Alba Nuadh. He himself was born and raised in Toronto. He eventually won a Doctorate in History from Harvard University in 1976. Initially he began a career as a history author and teacher in various schools, all the while remaining politically active on behalf of the Whig Party. At the urging of various friends (including Louis Arquette), he ran as a "dark horse" candidate for Lord Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, winning narrowly and then reelected by a solid majority. His policies were distinctly Liberal, favoring Gay Rights and Ecotopism as well as expansion of social programs. Following his second terms as Lord Mayor, he ran for and won election as Lieutenant Moderator of New Yorkshire. In 2001 he narrowly lost the election for Moderator of Ontario to Sir Clive Parker. He served out his remaining term as Lieutenant Moderator, then accepted a post as columnist for ERA magazine in 2002. Although openly favoring the ideals of the NeoLeft he has more than once criticized the administration of General Moderator Gore, including Gore's seeming support of Ter Mair Deputy Rhoberth Bolton as a seeming heir. Ignatoff refers to the latter as a "disaster for the party in the process of happening."

Ignatoff is a popular speaker and fund-raiser among Whigs and various left-leaning political groups such as the NAAEP. In 2008 he resigned from ERA and has focussed instead on political activities. Many regard him as a more logical, and formidable, candidate for the General Moderator-ship that Bolton. In interviews, he has expressed "no real opposition" to the idea. In February 2010 he openly announced he would seek Leadership of the Whigs.

He is married with two daughters. He also speaks fluent Brithenig as well as Francien.

While a critic of Monarchies and of Capitalism, Ignatoff does not seem eager to abolish either one. In terms of the Whig Party, he is a centrist, one who favors encouraging Republican forms of government in general and is not opposed to nationalization of certain industries under some circumstances (such as banking or the railroads). He favored Gore's UNICOV proposal but now supports the Progressive Conservative NHP (National Health Plan) program instead.

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