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Rhoberth Bolton, MP
Rhoberth bolton.jpg
 Date: July 9, 1950
 Place: Baltimore, Tel Mair
 Date: non applicable
 Place: non applicable
Party: Whig
Title: Member of Parliament, NAL, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice
Religion: Catholic (Cambrian Rite)

Rhoberth Bolton (born 1950) is a member of the House of Deputies representing Baltimore, Ter Mair in the NAL. He is a prominent member of the so-called "NeoLeft" along with Hannah Coultier and Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.. In August, 2008 he was chosen to replace outgoing Senator Ion Edwards as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Almost exactly one year later, he was made Minister of Justice in the wake of the murder of Howard Provo, further indication that he has become Gore's choice as heir apparent.

Bolton is known for aggressiveness and a tendency to insult.


Named in part for Rhoberth II of Kemr, he was the son of a fire brigade commander and was raised Cambrian Rite Catholic. He attended Yale University and became swept up in the Anti-Snorist Movement, even heading up the local chapter of Students for a Republican Society (SRS) and campaigning for various American Socialist candidates.

Following the assassination of GM James Wainright in 1980, Bolton seems to have moderated his views somewhat. He evidently became sympathetic to the notion that the SNOR and/or Russia were likely to have been behind the murder. As an attorney, first in Philadelphia then in Baltimore, he made a name for himself amidst political activities and was something of an expert on the legalities of tariffs and international trade. In 1992 he was persuaded to run for a seat in the House of Deputies against Sean O'Kinneide, son of the former General Moderator and won a narrow victory. He has continued to hold that seat ever since as a member of the Whig party.

Within Parliament, he eventually became part of the Foreign Relations Committee, eventually rising to the senior position of Deputy Chairman. His open admiration for the group NoMoreEagleZ and his trademark moustache earned him the nickname "Walrus" Bob Bolton.

His selection as Foreign Secretary is seen by many as an attempt by Gore to tighten his own control over policy within his coalition with the more centrist Covenant Loyalist Party. His being given the Ministry of Justice during the Signoret Crime War is seen as a more-or-less endorsement by Gore of Bolton as his successor. He stirred considerable controversy in proposing the creation of a Department of Special Security to combat organized crime on a League-wide level, a purely civilian organization reporting directly to the Oblong Office and with expedited authority vis-a-vis warrants and interrogation. More than one person has called this proposal a secret police.

Political Views

Bolton openly distrusts monarchies, believing the NAL is better served by allying itself with such states as Louisianne and Oregon. He has called for the dissolution of the Viceregal College.

He was an open supporter of the Florida War but has expressed disgust at its aftermath and believes Former Florida-Caribbea President Jaime Bush something of a hero.

More than one person has commented on Bolton's tendency to believe in conspiracy theories, especially regarding anything to do with the SNOR or Snorist states. He has demanded a League of Nations investigation into the "mysterious" death of an accused senior member of Oltenia's Securitate while in Bulgaria, for example. Likewise he believes an international effort needed to uncover the truth about the assassinations of Jean-Francois Young and Empress Gacudai.

He decried the restoration of the monarchy in Tejas and the enthroning of Emperor Constantine Palaiologos XIII of Greece.

Likewise, he calls for genuine effort to stem the production of atomic weapons especially in the wake of the Second Patagonian War in 2006-07.

Domestically, Bolton is a fervent Ecotopist and fully supported GM Gore's proposed universal medical health proposals (one of the few MPs who did). He disapproves of same-sex marriage, however, and seems very straitlaced on the subject of sex, having criticized his colleague Victoria Lynch more than once for having been voted "Sexiest Member of Parliament" by Dandy Magazine.

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