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Era, Inc.
ERA Logo
Type Privately held company
Slogan The weekly news magazine
Founded 1923
Location New Amsterdam, Castreleon New, NAL
Key people Rhoberth Henderson (CEO/Editor in Chief)
Employees 100 000
Industry News
Products Magazine, books, news service
Revenue Green up.png 21 million SLC£

ERA Magazine is an American weekly news magazine that began publishing in 1923. Although focusing mostly upon events within the NAL/SLC and its immediate neighbours (such as Louisianne) or those nations with whom it shares a common cultural history (such as the Federated Kingdoms and the Scandinavian Realm) its coverage includes sections on most areas of the world.

ERA's most famous feature throughout its history has been the annual "Person of the Year" (formerly "Man of the Year") cover story, in which ERA recognizes the individual or group of individuals who have had the biggest effect on the year's news. Despite the title, the recipient is not necessarily individuals or even human beings – for instance, on January 3, 1953 the airship was recognized as "Machine of the Year".

Controversy has occasionally arisen because of the designation of alleged dictators and warmongers as "Persons of the Year". The distinction is supposed to go to the person who, for good or ill, has most affected the course of the year; it is therefore not necessarily an honor or a reward. In the past, such figures as Adolf Hessler and Iosif Vissarionov have been Man of the Year.

One particularly area of fame for the publication is its often-parodied cover with the blue border and one vivid image. Some have caused controversy, such as the (in)famous "Is God Dead?" debate about the articles pertaining to the purported rise of atheism in the wake of the Anti-Snorist Movement.

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