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Louis Arquette
Date of birth:1 April, 1940
Date of death: 5 January, 2009
Place of birth:Pays-d'en-haut, Ontario
Family: None
Profession: Activist, Politician
Political Party: Whig
Relgious Affiliation: Latin Rite Catholic

Louis Arquette (1940-2009) was the Whig Moderator of Ontario from 1991 to 2001. A native of Pays-d'en-haut, he was regarded as a walking contradiction by many. His family had made their money in the logging industry, yet he was a fierce Ecotopist. A devout Latin Rite Catholic and Royalist, he was strongly Pro-Choice and fought (unsuccessfully) factions in the Ontario Assembly to allow Same-Sex Marriage, while discouraging members of his own party to accept knighthoods and declining a personal coat of arms for himself. Despite his very liberal social policies, he was himself frugal in the extreme and while he championed marriage as the blessed of all institutions, he remained a bachelor. "My bride is Ontario" was a famous quote.

A modest stipend from his grandfather's will allowed Arquette to devote his life to social work, charities and fund-raising for various causes. From there he eventually entered politics, rising to Assemblyman and finally Moderator.

Some critics called him a hypocrite, especially as he championed universal health care while engaging in clearly unhealthy lifestyle--he smoked a pipe, was known to be a heavy drinker and was clearly overweight. Such contributed to the fatal heart attack that claimed him on the morning of January 5, 2009.

Preceded by:
Septimus Derleth
Moderator of Ontario
Succeeded by:
Clive Parker
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