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Kongo flag.gif
National motto:
Official Dalmatian, German
Other Dutch, local languages
Capital Luanda
Important Cities
Independence from CSDS
(declared) 1963
(recognized) 1963
Organizations KSD


General information

The current state flag, 30 June 1963, is identical to the first colonial flag that was in use from 1 August 1858 to 8 July 1919.

State Arms
Presidential standard
Prime Ministerial standard
Navy ensign
Navy ensign
Fleet Admiral's flag
Admiral's flag
Air Force roundel
Maritime flag: Countersignal
Maritime flag: Customs pennant
Maritime flag: Pilot flag
Bengela canton
Bengo canton
Biye canton
Damara canton
Huyla canton
Kabinda canton
Kaprivi canton
Skeleton Coast canton
Kuanza canton
Kunene canton
Lunda canton
Malanxhe canton
Matadi-Kinszasa canton
Mosziko canton
Musikongo canton
Okahanxha canton
Okavango canton
Ovambo canton
Transkongo canton
Zambezia canton
Flag of the Danubian Protectorate of the Kongo, 8 July 1919 to 12 December 1947
Flag of the Soviet Danubian Protectorate of the Kongo, 12 December 1947 to 30 June 1963


Borders Condominium of Etosha, Southwest Africa, and South Africa to the south, Rhodesia, Katanga and Kasai to the East and French Congo, Batavian Kongo and Mongo-Kongo, Lunda and Luba to the North. Atlantic Ocean to west.


Covers *here*'s Angola and North-Western DR Congo.

Administrative Divisions

  • Bengela - Bengela
  • Bengo - Bengo
  • Biye - Bijeh
  • Damara - Damara
  • Etosza - Etoscha
  • Huyla - Heula
  • Kabinda - Kabinda
  • Kaprivi - Kapriewi
  • Kosta da Skeliatrul - Gerippenk├╝ste (Skeleton Coast)
  • Kuanza - Kuansa
  • Kunene - Kunehne
  • Lunda - Lunda
  • Malanxhe - Malandsche
  • Matadi-Kinszasa - Matadi-Kinschassa
  • Mosziko - Moschicko
  • Musikongo - Mussikongo
  • Okahanxha - Okachandscha
  • Okavango - Okawango
  • Ovambo - Owambo
  • Transkongo - Transkongo
  • Zambezia - Sambesia


  • 1575 Portuguese establish settlement at Luanda
  • 1688 Austro-Dalmatian forces capture Luanda settlement
  • 1858 Imperial and Royal Crown Colony of Kongo established with present boundaries
  • 1963 Independence
  • 1973 After 10 years of repeated raids from Chinese East Africa, Kongo requests assistance from CSDS
  • 1974 Kongo-CSDS Defence Agreement signed; large arms shipments to Kongo and CSDS training of Kongolese officers begin
  • 1975 Oct First CSDS military base in Kongo established at the port of Luanda
  • By end 1979 Twelve CSDS bases established
  • 1984 Border treaty signed with Chinese East Africa
  • 1988 infighting at CSDS bases occurs, Kongolese government orders expulsion of CSDS forces
  • 1989 Government recognises Dalmatian independence and sovereignty over CSDS bases; non-Dalmatian citizens of CSDS arrested and expelled
  • 1994 Transfer of all Dalmatian bases to Kongolese military, with the exception of Luanda
Organisational Flag   Membership of the Community of Dalmatophone States   Organisational Flag
Full Members
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Associate Members
New Dalmatia

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