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Condominium of Etosha International Reserve is an ecological condominium between Kongo and South Africa.


What is known, from the Archives...

I can't quite tell from the map, but is Etosha still part of Kongo there?

Only the westernmost part is part of the "Disputed Territory". To the east in northwestern Southwest Africa is Etosha National Park.

I don't see why Dalmatian Kongo can't also have an Etosha National Park, as it's right along the border. [It's a bigger reserve *there* than *here*, apparently.]

Okay. ... ...and then perhaps we could shift the condominium to Etosha. I'd view the Etosha region - an 'international friendship park' or somesuch - as demilitarised, deindustrialised, decolonised, dehumanised, but protected from poachers and other criminals and other encroachment and development by both the Kongolese and the SW Africans/FK-ans, leaving Etosha to Nature. The bordering region within Kongo is the Etosza province.

Apart from the Natives! You can drive your Natives out if you like... The southern part is a large national park, so fits with that description you just gave.

Forgot about them, they can stay - but no tech they didn't have 500 years ago!

we DO have a Condominium of Etosha? It would still be between Dalmatian Kongo and Dominion of SW Africa.

Yes: then the Condominium of Etosha, between Kongo and SWA.

I named it Condominium of Etosha International Reserve, if that's OK with thee.

Sounds most excellent.

"Confederated enclaves": The condominium itself is not a coherent entity. Instead, the condominium consists of two zones, each of which is really a part of one respective ruling state. But, the ruling states have certain things that they cannot do within their zone without consulting the other. I'd think that the two ecological condominiums that I know of would fit this pattern (Etosha in southwestern Africa, and someplace I recall in the Yellowstone region that's shared between Oregon and Louisianne).

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