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Follow by white rabbit
Real Name: Jakub Marcin Zając
Name in Wenedyk: Jakób Marcin Leprz
Nicknames: follow_by_white_rabbit, Lucius
Birth date: April 3, 1987
Birth place: Tomaszyn Liublińki, Weneda, RTC
Place of living: Parwija Duczu Żózefu Poniatyku 441, Tomaszyn Liublińki, Weneda, RTC
Place of temporal residence: Kampus Bałtyk, Prawija Witu Stfoszu, Gdańcyk-Oliwa, Liwra Czytać Gdańcyk

Kampus Baltik, Vitstouszstraße, Danzig-Oliva, Freye Stadt Dantzig

Natural languages: (in order of proficiency)
Polish, English, German and Russian with some Latin
Constructed languages: basic Wenedyk

Welcome ~ Witaj ~ Bieńwięty !

So weary traveler, you have usefully reached to my personal page on IB Wiki. I haven’t got many aliases and usually I figured as follow_by_white_rabbit witch is famous quote from famous Wachowski brothers’ film or scarcely as Lucius witch is cool gloomy (although connected with light) name when dark said of me is reaching the tops of my consciousness.

My real name is Jakub Marcin Zając in English James (Jacob) Martin Hare and in Wenedyk Jakób (Żakub) Marcin Leprz. I came from Poland small (as for polish conditions) idyllic city of Tomaszów Lubelski in South East of Poland (Tomaszyn Liublińki in Center South of RTC). I have been contributing in IB since early beginning of 2006 after a year of observation (I did not wish to enter to some kind of cult) with number  57  on The List.

As a typical Pole I love my fatherland and conceder it as most beautiful country of the world (although frequently devastating by HRE Knights, Teutonic Order Knights, Russians, Prussians, Mongols, Turks, Tatars, Austrians, Nazi, Soviets and ourselves) so my main area of interests is RTC. I usually wrote stupid articles with things that IJzeren Jan did not even think about witch are completing overall image of the RTC (I think so). I havent got yet my persona IB page, most of my worke is publiszed here and in Jan's RTC page

Recently I’ve successfully passed my Matura exam (final high school exam, English A-level equivalent) and I’m due to start my first year of Computer Sciences studies on Gdańsk University

Mrzekierdzej, 23. ugustu 2006 j.

Quintidi 5 Fructidor CCXIV

Areas of interest
To do list
Under construction and in progress
I touched my fingers in…

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base on famous Władysław Gomułka's Warsaw meeting speech