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The old logo of Wenedyk Radio S.A was and still is one of the most recognizable logos in the RTC.

Wenedyk Radio S.A. – One of the oldest broadcasting corporations in the world and the oldest in the RTC. The first experimental program was broadcast 1 January 1925 by Wenedyk Radio – Komyńtać Technicze (Venedic Radio – Technique Companionship) on length of ½ mile. The frequent broadcasting was started 18 April 1926 by words “Halo, halo Wenedyk Radio Warsina, węda ¾” (Halo, halo Venedic Radio Warsina, wave ¾). During interwar period Venedic Radio S.A (then ltd.) had opened 10 local transmitters including Raszynik (90 kW) and started creating a second transmitter in Warsina (Warsina II) and experimental TV transmitter on “Prydzięciały” corporation sky draper (the highest building in prewar Europe and the first arc welding in the world). In the beginning of GWII the German army had destroyed the Raszynik transmitter but shortly after “Warsine II” started to broadcast till 30 October when Germans took over the transmitter and banned listening to the radio, threatening with capital punishment. Wenedyk Radio went to underground and the Venedic section of BBC started to broadcast weekly (later daily) program in the Wenedyk language. After the war, Wenedyk Radio ltd. was recreated as Wenedyk Radio S.A. and incorporated Lietuvos Radijas S.A, thus becoming the major media for most RTC citizens even today.


Before the GWII there was only one program broadcasting from Warsina with some local shows like the famous “Węda Czytacie Leoniór”. After war and rebirth of RTC the establishment of local radio stations became more flexible in the multinational state. Today there are 30 local state radio stations incorporated with Wenedyk Radio S.A and Lietuvos Radijas S.A broadcasting in 8 languages (Wenedyk, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Kashubian, Slezan, Slvanjek, Prussian and Low Saxon) and 4 pan–state channels broadcasting mostly in Venedic.

Venedic Radio channel I or Venedic Radio Warsine I (ordinary “Wynika”) – The oldest channel, supposed to be successor of prewar Wenedyk Radio, holding same sometimes archaic stale, main source of information for most of Veneds. The most recognizable shows are: “Mszatka” (hourly News service), “Sygnała dzeju” (the signals of day – mid-day program with expanded news service) and of course “Mąd par Siemiura” (World in half an hour) by Waldemar Fiorarz. Every Sunday there is special interview with RTC’s chancellor about state condition. Yearly during the summer holydays time the usual daily “Sygnała dzeju” program is transformed to “Stać piara Radiu” (Summer with Radio).
Venedic Radio channel II (ordinary “Dwuika”) – Firstly planned to open before GWII as a second pan–state channel; during the first days of war became the only broadcasting channel; closed by Germans after entering Warsina. Nowadays “Dwuika” broadcast mainly height-culture programs – classic music and publicity with some traditional Radio Theater. Interestingly, it broadcasts on a frequency that falls outside the reach of many radio receivers.
Venedic Radio channel III (ordinary “Trzeika”) – First Venedic Radio Station transmitted in FM stereo system. Almost as popular as Venedic Radio Warsine I correspond to better educated young and older, middle-class part of society; less archaic than “Wynika”, present highly customize program from lower to higher entertainment and publicity that “Wynika” or “Dwuika” can not afford to broadcast. Although “Trzeika” is not a news station, every hour (in the morning every half an hour) there is a short news service. “Trzeika presents a wide spectrum of popular music. The most recognizable shows are: “Poszta Muzykała UBW” (FM Music post), morning and evening edition of “Enwitamy en Trzeika”, “Polityki salon Trzeiki” – Sunday interview with politicians with breakfast, “Trze kwadransie jass’u” (Three quarters of jass) by Jan Uczołun–Paszczynik, a former star of Popęć’s “Krobła” jass club, “Markofilia” music top-list, “Mini – Maksi” late night music program for those with eclectic sense of music and comic radio theater “Jemu cie Donie Sołku” (I love you Mr. Sołk).
Venedic Radio "Prim" or Venedic Radio channel IV (ordinary “Primka”) – For many years hight intellectual and science station, now corresponded to youth and students listeners. Primka presents a lot of alternate music, languages courses and youth publicity.
Veneda radio.PNG
Radio "Veneda" or Venedic Radio channel V – Special channel created for Veneds living abroad and international audience. Radio Veneda Broadcasts in English, Brithenig, Gaeilg, Riksmål, Xliponian, Francien, German and Russian.

Gdańcyk Radio

Gdańcyk Radio / Dantzig Radio - Three-city radio station incorporated with Wenedyk Radio S.A and stocked in Warsina Stock exchange.

Local Channels

Wenedyk Radio S.A is incorporated with 30 others public channels around the Weneda and Galicia and with Lietuvos Radijas S.A witch has 10 local channels.

Name Language
Wenedyk Radio Mazowia - Warsine (local) Wenedyk
Radio Radom - Radom Wenedyk
Radio Grąweneda - Sidowa Wenedyk
Radio Kaliża - Kalisza Wenedyk
Galician Radio Hałycz - Tarnopol Wenedyk / Ruthenian
Wenedyk Radio Kujawia - Męć Bowiny Wenedyk
Radio Turoń - Turoń Wenedyk
Radio Urzelik - Urzelik Wenedyk
Galician Radio Leonina - Czytać Leoniór Wenedyk / Ruthenian
Wenedyk Radio Przemyśl - Przemyśl Wenedyk
Wenedyk Radio Liublin - Liublin Wenedyk
Radio Popęć - Popęć Wenedyk
Galician Radio Olwarzyn - Czytać Stanisławiana Wenedyk / Ruthenian
Radio Pieskła Weneda - Kordyn Wenedyk
Wededyk Radio Rzechu - Czytać Rzechu Wenedyk
Radio Nowy Sądziec - Nowy Sądziec Wenedyk
Radio Prusi - Męć Rzegały Wenedyk / German / Low Saxon / Prussian
Radio Elbiądz - Elbiądz Wenedyk / Low Saxon
Wenedyk Radio Olesztyn - Olesztyn Wenedyk
Radio Przemarz - Marzykasciół Wenedyk / Low Saxon
Radio Gdynia - Gdynia Wenedyk / Low Saxon / Kashubian
Gdańcyk Radio / Dantzig Radio* - Gdańcyk/Dantzig Wenedyk / Low Saxon
Wenedyk Radio Sątakrucz - Łódź Wenedyk
Radio Łódź - Łódź (local) Wenedyk
Radio Kronin - Kronin Wenedyk
Galician Radio Karpacja - Użhorod Wenedyk / Rusyn / Ruthenian / Slevan
Radio Ślęża - Piniat Wenedyk / Šležan
Radio Kłarmęć - Kłarmęć Wenedyk
Radio Robina Minarza - Robina Minarza Wenedyk