Tomaszyn Liublińki incident

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Tomaszyn Liublińki is a typical city of central – east RTC in the Province of Liublin with typical Renaissance and Baroque sacral architecture and clean environment. Having no big housing estates and about 30K inhabitants, surrounded mostly by rural areas, Tomaszyn have became a labor reservoir for city of Popęć and nearby factories (mostly food industry) in the last 20 years.

The 1st of April is traditionally known as a day of press jokes, canards and hoaxes. In 2004 Venedic National Press Agency (WSAP) informed about many unusual reports about Unidentified Flying Objects in the area of Tomaszyn Liublińki’s district. Here is full Wita Warsinie article reprint of Agency news.

TOMASZYN LIUBLIŃKI (WSAP) - Hundreds of reports are coming in from people who claim to have seen a flying saucer landing in the woods near Tomaszyn Liublińki. "It was enormous", a farmer said. "At least half a stadz long. And there were lights everywhere." A woman said: "Really huge, and covered with thousands of little lights. It moved so fast that it was gone before you realised that it had been there!"

This is not the first time that UFOs have been seen. Observations like this one are made frequently, in the RTC as well as in other countries. In most cases these observations can be explained easily, and the so-called UFOs always turn out to be weather balloons, airships, meteorological phenomena, or the products of someone's fertile imagination. However, what is unique about this case is not only the huge number of people who saw it, but also the fact that they all claim to have seen exactly the same. What makes it even more interesting: the ship is reported to have landed, although officially no one has actually seen it yet.

"This is the most exciting day of my life," an old man said. "Tomorrow we'll probably know whether they have come to kill us all or to cure our diseases, and most importantly, whether they can speak Wenedyk."

"Everybody here knows they come from Mars!", a local said. "Whatever those so-called scientists want to make us believe," he added, referring to the current opinion among astronomers that life on Mars is improbable, if not impossible.

The exact location where the ship is supposed to have landed is unknown or has not been disclosed, but the army has sealed off a large area around it. Unconfirmed sources claim that chancellor Sacz has left the Sejm and that he is on his way to Tomaszyn. It is not known which ministery will be responsible for the contact with the Martians: the ministery of interior, the ministery of foreign affairs, or the ministery of national defense.

Of course, during the next days governmental press-conference, Chancellor Jan Sacz denied any suggestions which appeared in the article and denied claims he had moved from the capital in last three days. Asked what he had been doing in that time, he said he could not answer as he didn’t remember precicely, but assured them that it was connected with national affairs.

Claimed to be an "April Fool's Joke" the Tomaszyn incident has a lot of repercussions. Chancellor Sacz was accused by many populist parties and so-called UFO fans for disinformation of public opinion. During the last general elections UD-DS rivals from ŻŻŻ made a political slogan on statement that "Chancellor Sacz comes from Mars [which was an allusion of his leftist rather than centrist political origin] and should hurry if he wants to catch the last flying source taking off from Tomaszyn".