Wita Warsinie

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Wita Warsinie
Wita Warsinie
Type National Company
Slogan Uszkiełtamy
We are listening
Founded 1929
Location Warsina, Republic of the Two Crowns
Key people Paweł Czekow, CEO & Director
Employees 2,350
Industry Daily Newspaper, Broadsheet
Products Newspaper
Revenue Green up.pngŦ 15 million (fiscal 2004)

Wita Warsinie (Warsina Life) is one of the largest national newspapers in the Republic of the Two Crowns. Published in Wenedyk. English translation is picked up by the BBC and rebroadcast to the world at times.

The first edition ever of the Wita Warsinie (often referred to as WW) was published in November 1948 in Praga, the part of the city on the northeastern shore of the Wisła, shortly after it had been liberated by Russian forces and when the rest of Warsina was still under German occupation. Originally, Wita Warsinie acted primarily as a local newspaper for the Warsina area, but with the years it gradually developed into a national newspaper, although most of its subscribers are still inhabitants of the capital.

A twilight shot of the Wita Warsinie building in downtown Warsina.

Wita Warsinie has one of the largest paper circulations in Eastern Europe. Due to the size of the Wita Warsinie print network they have taken up office space in one of Warsina's larger skyscrapers.