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Lithuanian Radio was established as a purely national company in 1926 as Lietuvos Sakos Įmonė (‘Lithuanian Radio Company’ in Reformed Lithuanian). The main aim of new company was broadcasting programs in Reformed Lithuanian language with strongly national aspect. Informally, Lietuvos Sakos Įmonė was created as a strong competence to Vendeic Radio and Radio of SNORINTER (nationalist Russian informative organization prepared to broadcast SNORist propaganda).

In the very beginning special Taryba’s (Lithuanian National Council) commission was enable to decide what should and what shouldn’t contain auditions broadcasted in Lithuanian radio. Later due to better relationships with Veneda and liberalization, Lithuanian Radio became more independent.

After rebirth of RTC in 1949, Lietuvos Radijas (name was change as the Common Lithuanian became official language of Lithuania) was incorporated with Wenedyk Radio S.A.

Present aspects

Lietuvos Radijas

Today Lithuanian Radio contains two channels broadcasted from Vilnius (Wileń) and 10 local channels. In the recent time Lietuvos Radijas started to cooperate with Lietuvos Sakija a Free Lithuania National Radio Channel.

Different than Veneds, citizens of Lithuania do not perceive their national radio station as main source of information, although that almost all Lithuanian language news agencies have their representations in Lithuania Radio and it is much more likely to hear some hot news in radio than in TV. Different social status of Lithuanian Radio could be also concocted with the fact that Lithuanian Radio is very pro RTC in its programs witch is not well see in some parts of Lithuanian society. In the other hand in Wołynia (Voluinė) Lithuanian Radio is consider to be source of any Slavic Lithuanian propaganda. But nowadays all of those negative social phenomena have minor range. Some of commercial media stations are trying to cover this gap, especially LKN Independent TV Channel. LTV (Lithuanian National TV) use the same tactic too, but nothing is certain now.