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Jan van Steenbergen
Name in Brithenig: Gion di llo Fontpedr
Name in Wenedyk: Żowan Sasomętany
Name in Jovian: Johan yh Montsaxosa
Name in Arvorec: Yowan o'n Lechvyneth
Name in Xliponian: Iogain a Saqimonn
Name in Slvanjek: Jovan Sóchmútán
Name in Gaelic: Eoin de Cruacnoc
Name in Francien: Jean d'Acier
Nicknames: IJzeren Jan, Kriegsherr Jan, Steen
Jan van steenbergen.jpg
 Date: June 3, 1970
 Place: Hoorn, Batavian Kingdom
Place of residence: Zaandam, Batavian Kingdom
Profession: IT Professional; translator
Natural languages: (in order of proficiency)
Dutch, English, Polish, German, French, Latin, Russian, Ancient Greek
Constructed languages: (in reverse alphabetical order)
Wenedyk, Vozgian, Slezan, Hattic, Askaic
Interests: (in order of... yes, of what?)
Music, languages, constructed languages, history, alternate history
IB Related Infos: No. 24 on The List, Ilum.
Dopplegangers: Żowan Sasomętany, John o the Stone Burg, Jan van Steenbergen
Klika sur papagał prokód
mi łasar mszatek...

IJzeren Jan, a.k.a. Gion di llo Fontpedr, a.k.a. "Fierzej Żowan" Sasomętany. Number  24  on IB's member list; Illuminatus: watches over the All, maintains the chi of IB, tweaks the yin and yang. With great pomp he has been awarded the title of Syndicatus for his extensive categorization efforts on our wiki.

My real name is, of course, Jan van Steenbergen. Although most of my work here deals with the Republic of the Two Crowns, the Russian Federation and other places in the same corner of the world, I am a resident of the Batavian Kingdom.

My "personal" URL is, but my main IB page is Eastern Europe in Ill Bethisad.


Member of the Anti-Spam League, Regent of Ivan Kuskov, Magistrate of Deletion, Arbiter of Sanitation, and protector of all that is Batavian. Oligarch of the IB Wiki. Assistant Master Map Maker.

Jan is also the Minister of Colonies and Chairman of the Presidium of the Regional Soviet of Marxdijk in the city of Leninstad. He is a known anarcho-feudalist agitator.

Autocratic ruler of

Republic of the Two Crowns

Co-ruler of

Russian Federation - Batavian Kingdom - Southeast Florida

Temporary chargé d'affaires for

Ukraine - Latvia - Danzig

Supervisor of

All of Eastern Europe

Co-supervisor of

Holy Roman Empire, and in a way all of Ill Bethisad

Other areas of interest

History in general, politics, music, snorism, mapmaking

To do list

Have a look at:

... and report to Dan.

Create few more templates, including:

  • a "welcome" template for new (unknown) users;
  • a "warning" template for users who are not behaving properly;
  • a "blocked" template for vandals.

Destubbing Arakan, Atjeh, Batavian Kongo, Leeuwenbergland, Perm Republic and Tsjinzoerah.

Updating the Categories Tree.