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Kurt von Schuschnigg (14 December 1897 - July 30, 1934) was the top pick to succeed Engelbert Dollfuß, but before he could take command of the country, he, too, was assassinated by the Reich-Anschluß-Partei (RAP). It is widely believed by historians that had Schuschnigg continued and been able to follow the path set by Dollfuß Austrosnorism would have been born, and would have rivaled the SNORism of Russia.

Born in Trento, Austro-Dalmatia he fought in the Austro-Dalmatian armies during the First Great War. Following the Armistice, Schuschnigg opened a law practice in Inssbruck. After joining the Christian Social Party he was quickly elected to the Nationalrat in 1927.

In 1932 Schuschnigg was promoted to Minister of Justice by Dollfuß, and again in 1933 to become Austria's Minister of Education.

After the assassination of Dollfuß, Schuschnigg and party bosses were rapidly assembling the government, but just prior to a planned dismantling of the Heimwehr, the national paramilitary force, Schuschnigg himself was assassinated.

Melchior Bachmeier took his place.