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The Story

Vytautas "Makus" Brazerečus showing unusual debris to the press

Rozapozo is a city in western Tejas known best for a purported UFO crash. The incident has been called the main instigator of the "Extraterrestrial phenomenon". In early July 1947 a Lituanos rancher Vytautas "Makus" Brazerečus discovered a large amount of unusual debris scattered widely over his ranch about 75 miles northwest of the city. A few hours after the initial "flying disk" press release, Tejas Aviata Garda officials stated that it was not a UFO, but a weather balloon. When the case was revived in the early 1980s, Rozapozo became a focus of alien and conspiracy theory.

Present time

Although its air force base is still open two years after the war, Rozapozo capitalized on changing its image to more pleasant and reinvented itself as a retirement community. This policy could change Tejas' provincinal image of war-hole. Rozapozo has already benefited from interest in the alleged UFO incident encouraging tourists interested in UFOs.

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