Gazeta Jeleconała

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Gazeta Jeleconała
Gazeta Jeleconała
Type Private Company
Slogan Pro Liwartacie i Demokracje
For Freedom and Democracy
Founded 1948
Location Warsina, Republic of the Two Crowns
Key people Adam Szkutyniek, Editor & Publisher
Employees 1,630
Industry Daily Newspaper, Broadsheet
Products Newspaper
Revenue Green up.pngŦ 11 million (fiscal 2006)

Gazeta Jeleconała (Electoral Newspaper), “Gazeta” for short, is one of the largest national range newspapers in the Republic of the Two Crowns with 3rd position after Wita Warsinie and Rzejpybiełka. Published in Wenedyk, it has its local editions in Lithuania and Galicia.

Gazeta Jeleconała was established in 1948 as an electorate magazine of the Kongres Wyńtacie Noconalej (KWN), the "Congress of National Unity". After the 1953 elections the newspaper changed its character and became a more liberal alternative for Rzejpybiełka, supporting UD-DS. Most of journalists working in Gazeta were formal members of Rzejpybiełka board of editors. A one year after Gazeta became daily newspaper witch was another step in market battle.

Nowadays Gazeta isn’t considered to be connected with any particular political party but still represents opinions closely related with the center of RTC’s political scene, criticizing left-wing as well as right-wing politicians. Its current editor-in-chief, Adam Szkutyniek, is also a publisher and owner of FUR Media Company. He is mostly recognized as a student leader, supporting Anti-SNOR campaigns and as a hero of one of the loudest RTC’s political scandals, the so-called “Rywiń affair”.