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The East Asian Battlegame Association is the organisation that oversees Battlegame in East Asia. It organises the East Asian Battlegame Championships and continental competitions for Battlegame clubs. It is a part of the International Battlegame Association.

Battlegame in East Asia

East Asia traditionally is one of the strongest areas of Battlegame/ Perhaps only in Europe are there more national teams capable of competing successfully at the global level. As such, six of the 32 places are secured for the East Asian teams in the world championships. The Japanese and Australasian clubs also tend to be very strong.

The powerful national teams of East Asia are commonly divided into three stables (this term being popularised by a 1963 book on East Asian Battlegame), Chinese, Japanese and Australasian. There may be rivalries inside the stables as well but when a national team from one stable plays against a national team from another stable fans almost always support the team from their own stable. The borders of the stables largely correspond to the opponents of the Second Great War. The Australasian stable consists of New South Cambria, Kingsland, Aotearoa, Guereintia and English Australia (sometimes Papua is also added)/ The Chinese stable consists of Beihanguo, Nanhanguo, Canton, Hunan, Moi Gok, Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan, Shanghai, Zhuanguo and Nanchang. The Japanese stable consists of Insular Japan, Korea and Ezo. The Micronesian Confederation, Ralik and Ratak Islands, Admiral Yamamoto Land and Kanawiki are usually added but these teams rarely pass the challenge phase. Beihanguo, New South Cambria and Insular Japan are widely regarded to be the strongest teams in their respective stables. After the victories of the South East Asian teams, crowned by Bornei-Filipinas becoming the continental champions of the 10th cycle, Southeast Asia started to be refered to as the Fourth Stable while some Oceanians calls Oceania the Fifth Stable. Oceanian countries, however, rarely qualify for the continental championships.

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Incomplete list.

  1. Aceh
  2. Admiral Yamamoto Land
  3. Aotearoa
  4. Banaba
  5. Beihanguo
  6. Bornei-Filipinas
  7. Cambodia
  8. Canton
  9. Chukotka
  10. English Australia
  11. Ezo
  12. Fiji
  13. Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan
  14. Guereintia
  15. Hong Kong
  16. Hunan
  17. Insular Japan
  18. Kanawiki
  19. Kingsland
  20. Korea
  21. Maluku
  22. Mazapahit
  23. Micronesian Confederation
  24. Moi Gok
  25. Nam Viet
  26. Nanchang
  27. Nanhanguo
  28. Nauru
  29. New Caledonia
  30. New South Cambria
  31. Papua
  32. Ralik and Ratak Islands
  33. Saigon
  34. Shanghai
  35. Srivijaya
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