Admiral Yamamoto Land

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ヤマモト シマ
Yamamoto Xima
Admiral Yamamoto Land
Japan flag.png
Official Japanese
Local Yamamotogutxi, Corean, Chinese dialects, Ban̊glá, Þelugu, Hinðí, Ðamiŗ
Major Religions Xintò, Buddhism, Christianity
Other Religions Hinduism, Islam, Cravethism, Mormonism
Government Type Constitutional federal monarchy
Emperor His Majesty the Emperor (Xigehito)
Regent Maco, Princess Masaxi
Prime Minister 安倍晋三
Abe Xinzo
Currency = 16 Xu = 400 Fun
Supranational Organizations League of Nations, East Asian Federation, Austronesian League
Major Subdivisions

Admiral Yamamoto Land is a League mandate of the Japanese Empire located in the northern part of the island of Papua. It was acquired from the former Chinese Empire after the Great Oriental War.

The territory is administered by a governor-general appointed by the Japanese parliament, advised by a council of local chiefs and an elected assembly of the general public. There are several cities within AYL that are administered as separate colonies of Japan.

The common language of AYL is a creolized form of Japanese known as Yamamotogutxi or yamamotogo. However, Japanese still holds an official status, and due to the past of immigration, Corean, Chinese, and various Indian languages are also spoken in the homes of many people.


Ethnic Groups

  • 40% Chinese
  • 21% Yamatoan
  • 20% Corean
  • 12% "Tendjicudjin" or various peoples from the Indian subcontinent
  • 4% Native Papuan
  • 3% Other groups (Europeans, Africans, etc.)