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Conventional short name:
Local: Nanchang / 南昌
English: Nanchang
Independence: from Chinese Empire
 Date: 1947
Currency: Yuan = 720 cash

Nanchang is one of those odd little countries to which nothing happens, or will ever happen, it seems.

Flag of nanchang.png


In 1952, the Nanchang Labour Party came to power. This had close ties both with the Australasian Labour Party, and the New Workers' Party (XGD) of Beihanguo. In 1954, a new constitution was drafted, creating a bicameral parliament, the members of the Senate voted on by the members of the Lower House, but with twice the lifespan. In 1957, the Labour party was voted out, and the Social Democrats voted in, however, without a full majority, it formed a coalition with the Labour party.

This efficient coalition aided the country through regeneration, and remained in power until 1987, when it was finally voted out in favour of the Capitalist Party. The Capitalist party privatised everything apart from essential services, such as Education and Police, and lowered taxes dramatically. By 1997, they were still popular, but could not hold an overall majority, and were defeated by the Labour-Social Democrat coalition. However, polls for this year predict a return to power of the Capitalists.



North: Nanhanguo.
West: Hunan.
South: Meizhou.
East: Fujian (Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan).
Northeast: Shanghai.